Hear Southern Rock Band the Steel Woods’ Propulsive ‘I’m Gonna Love You’

Rolling Stone’s Mike Seely discusses The Steel Woods’ “lyrical tenderness” in his review of Straw In The Wind.

Wes Bayliss and Jason “Rowdy” Cope, co-founders of the Steel Woods, are a pair of hirsute, Southern-bred musicians who met while performing on the same bill at a Nashville nightclub. This led to fishing trips to Kingston Springs, Tennessee, where acoustic guitars eventually commandeered space alongside bait and tackle.

Balancing lyrical tenderness with a propulsive, Skynyrd-esque guitar solo from Cope (formerly of Jamey Johnson’s band), Bayliss sings of getting things done “with a flower or a gun” on “I’m Gonna Love You,” from the group’s stellar forthcoming debut album, Straw in the Wind. (Listen to the song’s premiere below.)

“I wrote a song called ‘Long Road’ a few years ago about me and my wife taking chances and leaving our town,” explains Bayliss. “I never did anything with the song until Jason approached me with a song idea called ‘I’m Gonna Love You,’ and it just so happened that the chorus I had written years earlier for ‘Long Road’ was a perfect fit.”

Straw in the Wind, which features a guest vocal by Lindi Ortega and a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Hole in the Sky,” is set for a May 19th release. The hard-hitting Southern-rock band, rounded out by bassist Johnny Stanton, is currently on the road and will play the House of Blues in Cleveland tonight.