See The Steel Woods’ Release Show at the Nashville Palace

Americana is another name for boomer rock, and sure, I know the genre is dominated by performers in their 20s and 30s who continue to rewrite the history project invented by the older generation. The Steel Woods hail from Nashville, a town where young, ambitious and talented musicians like the band’s Alabama-bred singer, Wes Bayliss, go to square up their concepts with the danged old music business. Bayliss started The Steel Woods in 2016 with the late guitarist and songwriter Jason Cope, who died in January. Cope’s death hangs over the band’s new full-length All of Your Stones like a pall, and the album registers as modernized Southern rock. It moves a mite slowly for my tastes — The Steel Woods favor a depressed 6/8 groove throughout the album, and sometimes it gets tedious. Still, they’re a good band who write even better songs — as in “Ole Pal,” an affecting tale of small-town life that features a friend who meets his maker while overseas in the service of his country. “You Never Came Home” works off a White Album-style Beatles chord progression, played on piano, and I like the rough elegance of “Baby Slow Down,” in which Bayliss sings, “There ain’t nothin’ worse on planet Earth / Than a mother layin’ rest to what she gave birth.” All of Your Stones is a professionally done addition to the Southern-rock canon — I hope the band keeps on growing. 7 p.m. Friday, May 14, at the Nashville Palace, 2611 McGavock Pike EDD HURT